Google quickly responded to Bing’s showing social media citations next to search results with their own thrown-together version that shows who shared a particular Google News story in Universal SERPs.

Next to some Google News stories you now get a “Shared By” link that you can follow to see some of the people who have shared a particular story.

If you’ve spent any time looking at these results, then you know that they don’t show accounts for all of the tweets, but you can still find the ones Google considers worth sharing by adding &tbs=mbl:1 to a Google link query.

Here’s the query for the Search Engine Journal post that first alerted me to the changes.

The neat thing is that you can do this with any page in the search results, it doesn’t have to be in the Google News system. So if you want to find who are the most important social influencers for the latest post from Cracked (disclaimer: I haven’t actually checked that is not actually in the Google News system), then all you have to do is enter the following query.

All you need to do is take the following query string and add the URL you want to look up to the end.

I’m sure there are a bunch of ways to use this that I have never considered, but I know I’m planning on finding the biggest evangelists for my clients’ competitors and making sure they get extra incentive to switch loyalties.

Image credit Luc Legay.